About us


We are strong advocates of a switch to decentralised renewable energy.

  • Because it encourages community involvement.
  • Because it creates sense and fairness.
  • Because it is active climate protection.
  • Because it benefits the regions.

Switching to decentralised renewables is nothing less than a new economic model – a model that is fully consistent with the values of democracy and sustainability. Great strides have already been made in decentralised renewables and we were recently able to report our first findings on this new economic model.

Nevertheless, we are still a long way from having the leverage we need to complete the switch to decentralised energy generation. There are too many new questions to be resolved, many of which would not be relevant in a centralised system.

Thanks to our strong focus on the issues of decentralization, we are contributing to finding answers to these questions.

What we offer: answers to a community-based switch to renewables.

The 100 prozent erneuerbar stiftung acts as an intermediary between science, business, politics and society.

As a non-profit making think tank, we generate knowledge where we identify shortcomings, analyse available empirical data on decentralisation in practice, and make our findings available to all stakeholders in the new energy era. We are guided in our work by the concepts of community and the decentralised generation of energy.
The projects we are working on include the following topics

  • Environmental acceptability and participation
  • Geographical distribution of wind and solar energy
  • Regional energy concepts, regional virtual power plants and user preferences for regionally generated green energy
  • Design and marketing of regional energy products
  • The political and legal framework of the switch to renewables

We also act as mediators in the process of making the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources – at workshops, conferences and seminars, in media products and through the sponsorship of cultural activities. New knowledge, new roles, new processes, new structures – these are the keys to establishing a decentralised green energy structure. With our projects, we play our part in providing society with these keys.