About us

Our goal: A decentralised and collaborative renewable energy system

Secure, environmentally-and climate-friendly, independently from fuel imports and steady prices – that’s what the transition from a predominantly fossil-based to predominatly renewables-based energy system stands for.
However, the transition of the energy system is not only about replacing fossil energy sources through wind, solar and biomass. It means first and foremost: re-thinking the energy system and involving people –that‘s the 100 prozent erneuerbar stiftung’s approach. Our goal: A 100 percent renewable energy system, which is decentralised and collaborative.

Decentralised basically means, that energy is generated where it is needed – close to cities or in the coutry. A decentralised energy system is oriented towards local or regional needs and provides integrated solutions, technically and economically. And it mainly enables civic participation.
We believe decentralisation will bring benefits systemically, technically, economically and last but not least socially.

We have experienced an increasing civic participation in other contexts. Since energy is important for each and every one we want to culivate and implement the civic participation even in the energy sector by involving people. By reducing obstabcles and making energy perceptible we want to encourage people to participate actively in the transition of the energy system – even those who have a certain distance or are passively towards energy due to lack of information. Through creativity and innovation the conventional energy world turns into a new world of experiences, in which everybody can participate actively.

Our approach: Added value through connection

Our goal is a decentralised and collaborative transition of the energy system. With our projects we play our part in achieving this objective with iterative, cooperative, interdisciplinary and pragmatic approaches. We connect decision-makers in order to discuss important issues on decentralisation and find solutions. As a non-profit-organisation we provide the knowledge gained from our projects to all interested parties.