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Neue Kraft mit der Nachbarschaft


The 100 prozent erneuerbar stiftung started the campaign „Neue Kraft mit der Nachbarschaft“ together with the Bündnis Bürgerenergie in the summer of 2019. That way we want to show the benefits and advantages of a decentralized energy system in a communicative, scientifically sound and politically adaptable way.

„Nachbarschaft“ (neighborhood) stands for the many political aspects of the civic co-creation: for a local energy system, for a sense of community that lets cooperatives and neighborhood initiatives write history, for closeness that develops when people work together and for straightforwardness that brings products and processes that every user can experience. Furthermore it stands for self-efficacy if every human is able to use innovative applications individually. Plus, it stands for independence if the energy is produced next door.

The diverse projects within the campaign reach from information supplies like webinars, podcasts and events to scientific modelings that describe useful and doable steps to a regenerative and decentralized energy transition. We carry out those projects together with different partners.

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Neue Kraft mit der Nachbarschaft

Studie zur Veranschaulichung des lokalen Stromhandels innerhalb und zwischen Energiegemeinschaften

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